Carpool to Work Program Application & Contract Renewal

Join our green commuting effort and apply for discount carpool parking through the City of Minneapolis’ Carpool to Work program


What you’ll need to apply:


Who is eligible?

Anyone can take advantage of carpooling, although rates will depend on where you and your carpool partners travel from.


Does it matter where I travel from in the morning?

Yes, where your carpool travels from is used to determine rates and eligibility for different carpool programs. For more information about carpool parking locations and eligibility requirements, click here


How do I sign up?

Click below to begin our new online registration and account set-up. You will be notified via email where to pick up your parking card and verify your home address to begin carpooling.


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New customers will be notified via email where to pick up their parking card and verify their home addresses to begin carpooling.

Carpool Application and Renewal

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